Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ahoy there, matey⚓️

So right now I am somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico on my first cruise. My shipmates include Mr. French, Madison and Robert; plus 3,000 of our closest friends. 

We had a situation that caused the ship (Carnival Liberty) to return to shore within a couple of hours from departure. I am happy to report it did not involve any of us. 

Our first Fun Day at Sea kept us so busy we didn't even swim. Activities included Bingo, Ladies Day of Pampering, More Bingo and the Piano Bar sing-a-long, to name a few. No winners at Bingo but I did win the raffle for a free excursion for two!

Today we had an excursion in Yucatan, "Sacred caverns visit plus snorkeling. Wow!  I really liked snorkeling and this was another first for all of us.  We had an amazing lunch, visited local artisans and made it back to the ship before it sailed!

Tonight we participated in Game Show Mania.  If you wanted to participate, you put your name in.  Madison took the liberty of entering me.  It was set up much like Price is Right, with first person to 500 points wins. (3 contestants).  My name was called on the first round. After running up there as if I won the lottery (arms raised high and screaming), our host made me run back up the aisle (all the way to the back) high fiving all the way. My competitive streak paid off tonight as I was first to 500 points. Victory secured!

We are now anxiously awaiting the start of the Love and Marriage show at 10pm. Then it's off to bed for an early morning departure of Catamaran sailing,beach and fun in Cozumel. 

I was a little leery of the cruise life but I am all in now. 

Until next time,

Your pal,

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