Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The other woman

Can you believe it?  Days before we are scheduled to leave on our 20th wedding anniversary cruise
, Mr. French brings another woman to live with us?   Even though blogs, Facebook, and all other forms of social media seem the place to hang out the dirty laundry, I never thought it would be me on the "sharing" end.

Just when I thought we were doing great, embracing the "empty nest syndrome" and entering the children free zone with vigor, a stranger has entered our midst.  Not only did he upset my apple cart, he upset the little apple that didn't fall far from either tree (Madi, for those who don't follow me).  Yes, it was the day before Thanksgiving when this happened and she was home to witness the bold entry this woman made.

The little hussy
I asked him "WHY? Why now?  What could possibly be missing from your life.  His answer surprised me.  He said "I just need someone who will listen to me (translation ,,,,and do what I say,,,,every time I ask).

So there you have it.  Enter Alexa.  She is a regular little "Echo" of his commands.  This is the Stepford Wives all over again.  He tells her what to do, and by golly, she does it.  "Alexa, turn welcome on".  The TV fires up, lights go on and I swear I can almost smell supper starting.  I say almost because she is not that accommodating to me.

He says he met her on Amazon.  I didn't even know they offered a dating service and I am an Amazon Prime faithful member.

Oh sure, I may have her beat in the looks department, and while she is subservient, it's not like she can do EVERYTHING.  However, I must report that when she doesn't do as asked, there is an entire support system dedicated to making sure Terry is satisfied.  Amazon apparently wants their users satisfied and indicate they are a phone call, email or chat away.  Who.  Knew.

For now Alexa and I have entered an uneasy truce with each other.  I must say, at times she will even do as Madi and I ask.  This relationship just might have a chance of surviving yet.

I am happy to say she is not going on the cruise with us.  I guess we will see what kind of attitude she has when she realizes that!

Until next time,

your pal,


Thursday, November 24, 2016

If my memory serves me might be a first!

I don't remember that.
I have been trying to remember (with little success) when I first noticed that I didn't always remember things correctly.  I know it has been over a period of several years and it hasn't gotten any worse.  It just "is what it is".

Names are particularly challenging to me.  Whether it is the name of a musical group, movie, book or person, I can slaughter them all. The bad thing about getting a person's name wrong is that if I go uncorrected for any amount of time, then I start second guessing myself as to which name is actually the right one. That is where "hey, buddy" has come in handy for me.....many times.

I know my daughters (yes, plural) take particular delight when I misspeak.  An early example was when the group "Lifehouse" became popular.  I really enjoyed their music.  Unfortunately, for the longest time I thought they were "Lighthouse".  Sigh.

Obviously my memory isn't hopeless, because I can remember my mistakes.

Just last night I very seriously asked my husband, "Did Charlie Stone lose his job?"  He looked at me like I WAS CRAZY and said "who is Charlie Stone?"  As I turned to Madison so that we could enjoy some humor, I saw she was indeed laughing...but not WITH me,  She said, "Do you mean Charlie Strong?"  Dear.  Lord.

I like to think I am a comedian, but only when I know what I am trying to be funny.  It shouldn't be this difficult.

We have a lady at work that is not named Gwen,  Why I persist in calling her that makes perfect sense to me as she reminds me of a Gwen I used to know.  The progress I would like to report is that now when I call her Gwen, I say I mean.......(insert her name here).  And yes, I know it, but this is a small world we live in,

Before we had access to smart phones, I would get lost so many times (even one dark moment is an extremely large and busy parking lot) WITH THE KIDS.  It's not something I am proud of.

As I approach the next decade (of my life), the only consolation I have is that now I can blame it on age.

But in reality, it's just who I am.

Until next time,

your pal,

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still crazy after all these years!

I'm with him!
My best friend Catharine (also known as Rissy's best friend) used to say she couldn't take me anywhere.  When she worked with me as my Administrative Assistant, there were times when we would travel together and on more than one occasion, I would attract some man's eye.  Okay, kids, this may have been a few years ago but not THAT long and if I can still remember it couldn't have been that long ago.

So, it happened again this most recent trip.  And I have to say, I was a little embarrassed at first.  Let me set the stage.

I am standing in line waiting to board (A21) when I heard a man calling out to my left.  I looked over and this good looking man was intently looking at me.  Almost as if he knew me.  I looked around to make sure he was directing his attention at me and when there was no doubt, I just smiled slightly and looked away.

IT DID NOT STOP THERE.  Now, he is verbally trying to get my attention.  I am giving him the side-eye glance and he is smiling and asking where I am travelling to.  No response from me except I am blushing now.   He tries again.  Indicates he is getting off at Phoenix and what were my plans.  Now I am mortified. The guy behind me is looking at him and then me and then him.,,,you get the drift.  I give my admirer a "thumbs up" signal - thinking he would stop.


He then asks if I would like to have a drink with him at the airport.  Okay.  I finally decide to respond, my thought process being, maybe if I "give as good as I get" he will back off.

My Mistake.

After telling him I would indeed have a drink with him, but let's make it on the plane, the line begins to move. He is doing some type of victory move, indicating he has "scored".   He is shouting now "save me a seat".  Oh dear.

I find a middle seat in the section of the plane I have designated as "safe" (around row 8-10 on the left but will sit on the right in a pinch).  Pinch time,.  I grabbed a middle seat and put my bags on both seats, thinking I could then look busy and selectively choose my seatmate.

I didn't see him until he was moving the bag and climbing over me to take the window seat.  This guy was not shy.  He settled himself in and smiled saying "you remembered".

As if I could forget.  I haven't had someone so persistently flirt with me since I met my husband.  And you might wonder where he fits in this entire equation...

Remember Clive Bixby (Phil''s alter ego on Modern Family?)  Apparently so did Mr. French and my admirer/husband were one in the same.  This guy!

He (we) are still crazy (for each other) after all these years!!

Until next time-

your pal,

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's complicated

What goes into a friendship?  Or love?  It's complicated, right?

So much more than a bitmoji
When I was young(er) ...also could be stated as when dinosaurs roamed this earth - my first impressions of people revolved more around how they looked.  I believe I did this because at some level, that is how I wanted to look.  My sister Katy reminded me of when I started working at the same place she did when we were in our 20's.  She asked me who I thought I would be friends with.  I quickly said Rita and Sheryl and I chose them because they were a little older than me, dressed smartly, and were in low management positions.  They also "looked" friendly.  There came a day (as I was beginning to know them) that how they looked to me changed.  And it wasn't positive.

This had everything to do with "who" I thought they were, rather than "who" they really were.  It had nothing to do with who they were married to, slept with, what their political affiliation was, their skin color or what religious beliefs (if any) they had.  

Throughout the years, my circle of friends, family and acquaintances have become very diverse.  Whatever the relationship, it is not based on any one factor.  Much like people I work with.  Or even interactions with strangers.  This is not to say I agree with every choice made by this same circle.  And I know many of them feel the same way about me.  But I like to think that important relationships are so much more than just one thing.

When I entered the job market, I truly believed that if you had an accounting degree, you would be an accountant.  If you were in marketing, you would sell.  I thought your education had a direct correlation to what you would do...for your entire career.

Once I finished my education (and began climbing the corporate ladder) I quickly discovered that many of my colleagues had different educational backgrounds.  This was a BIG learning moment for me.  Yet, it resonated.   I mean, how can you have a successful think tank if everyone thinks alike.

As I served in a variety of positions, I quickly noticed when areas of my responsibility were struggling (or making no progress at all), it generally tied back to "like minds".  And that's when I realized some people were only comfortable in hiring (and promoting) people JUST LIKE THEM.

My choice!
Back to my choice of friends at my first real job.  I ended up being very close with a woman who was old enough to be my mother.  She rode to work with me daily (she didn't drive) and had a very different background from me.  We were like minded about some thing and others,  polar opposites.  But at the end of the day, we were a perfect match.

Recently I read a book "The Rhythm of Life" by Matthew Kelly.  In a nutshell, it's all about our choices.  And more importantly, how we take accountability for our choices.  It has helped me focus on and take accountability for who I am; who I want to be; and how I fit in this world.  All without pointing fingers or blame.

At the end of the day, how we relate with people is complicated.  But it is our choice.

Until next time,

your pal,

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

(My) Internet Life your fingertips!
Who remembers encyclopedias?  In the "olden days" there used to be encyclopedia salesmen that would worm their way into your house, and before you knew what happened, they were holding your wallet.  Yes, you had agreed to buy a 24 volume set (with a few extras tossed in) for the small monthly fee of $$$$ that would last long after the golden etching wore off the books.

And then came the Internet.  What a glorious day that was.  I didn't fully appreciate the "Dear Abby" connection when it first came out, but I am a card carrying member of instant gratification of knowledge (and just about everything else) now!

Imagine, you are sitting in a meeting, lunch, the passenger seat of a car....and a question comes up.  No need to say I don't know or I will find out.  You go to the appropriate Safari app on your oh so very smart phone and type in the question that needs answering.  Low and behold, you will have a plethora  of answers from various sources!  (Validity optional).

But wait...there's more.  Did you forget it was your best friend's birthday and are in need of a gift?  No longer are you just limited to ordering flowers or perhaps some cookies (though cookies are good).  Click open that same app and if you are like me, it will open on Google.  Type in Amazon and begin shopping for gift cards delivered via email within seconds of purchase.

Do you hate crowds like I do?  With Christmas right around the corner, get those gifts ordered and   delivered to your own home or the recipients.  You make the call.  You can even have them gift wrapped.  No standing in line involved.

Want to go out to dinner tonight since you haven't been to the store?  Pull up the smart app for reservations and pick a time.  Check the menu while you are "on-site" to make sure you want to eat what they are serving.  Don't feel like going out...or going to the store?  Time to grab that smart phone again and have groceries ordered for pick-up or delivery.

Feel like watching a movie or read a book while you wait (forever) to renew your driver's license? Time to click on Netflix or Kindle and have movies and books literally at your fingertips.  See something you like?  Feel free to have instant gratification as you download your latest purchase.  If you just want to reserve a seat at the movies and grab a bite of supper there, time to go on line and buy your ticket for the showtime of your choice.  Your reserved seat is waiting.

And to get back to the driver's license.  If this is just a simple renewal, did you know it can be accomplished ON-LINE???

I haven't even touched on my Outlook calendar that runs my life, Yahtzee and all the social media available.  With all that, if we didn't have to work to pay the bills we are generating, we might never leave the house.

Until next time,

your pal,

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