Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Be aware (or wary) of your surroundings....

Think about it!
The conversation went something like this...."Hey, what are you doing?  Are you having a good day?"  I couldn't quite hear the response but it must have been funny as it elicited quite a chuckle.

Before you get all fired up about my bad manners and eavesdropping, let me explain my surroundings in more detail.  Because I can promise you, for a quick minute, I thought I might be in the wrong room.

BUT NO!  I was right where I intended to me - the Ladies room.  Also know as the lavatory, restroom or "down the hall".  Typically, said room is reserved for bodily functions that do NOT include talking on the telephone.  I wish I could say this has only happened once (it has not) or that the chatterbox in question was relaxing on the sofa in the "sitting area" part of the restroom (they weren't).

The first time it happened, I thought they were talking to me.  After I realized the situation, I thought it would be humorous if I put a sign on each stall that said..Please do not confuse this confined space with a telephone booth.  Before I got too far down that road I was reminded that not everyone appreciates my sense of humor.

Count me "out"
The next time I was privy to private conversation in a private place. (sigh) I was curious.  Keep in mind, the phone did not ring. This tells me that our mystery guest behind Door #1 did not feel compelled to answer.  The call was placed after our contestant was "seated".  What must the recipient of the call think, when they hear awkward noises (intentionally vague) followed by loud flushes?

I try not to be intimated (like I was the first time) by a phone conversation.  Yet it happens.  I catch myself pausing before I flush, trying to time the subsequent whoosh with the conversation.  Why must I feel this way?  It's almost as if I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

If I were to compile a list of acceptable behaviors in the lavatory, it might include some of the following:  Actually using the facilities as nature intended; washing hands; looking in mirror to check appearance (including teeth); comb hair; brush teeth (if you must); change clothes; get water for plants.  Have I forgot anything?  You will immediately note it does NOT include "talking on the telephone".

Don't get me wrong.  In the big scheme of things, this is just one of life's little mysteries.  Please don't read this as a call to action.  It's not something we need to gather signatures for, stage a sit-in, or call the local TV station and ask for the "problem-solvers" department.

I won't speak of this again.....unless I see Clark Kent change into Superman because of his confusion over what that stall really is for!

Until next time,

your pal,

P.S.  Just tell me Face Time is NOT part of this equation!

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