Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Proceed with Caution!

Proceed with caution!
As we were coming home from church on Sunday, we noticed the entrance ramp onto the highway was closed,  There were detour signs posted and we mindlessly followed the postings.  Right away, we realized we were heading in the opposite direction of where we were supposed to be going.  Mr. French said "What kind of detour is this?".  We stayed with it and after a couple of miles out of route, we were back on the highway, heading in the direction of home.

This week when I went to the dentist, I was scheduled for a cleaning only, however, x-rays revealed that a few old fillings were failing and needed to be fixed.  The doctor said they could work me in RIGHT THEN if I was so inclined.  Instinctively I wanted to say "NO".  This was not the direction I envisioned for my day.  However, by allowing myself to say yes to "the detour" I avoided much of the anxiety associated with an upcoming dental visit.  I pondered this as I enjoyed the loud sound effects of the drill while my mouth was propped open with a "mouth assistant".

So then I had to start thinking how many times we have a plan for a day, vacation, career, family....heck, life in general.  And things just don't go as planned...or don't work out at all.  At that moment in time, wouldn't it be such a blessing if signs instantly appeared saying "detour"?  We could then quickly divert and just follow a new route.

Because eventually, we do follow another path when things don't work out.  We may intentionally think the situation over and try to make sense of next steps.  We may prayerfully seek guidance. Other times we simply react.  This can lead us to take the scenic route or the road less traveled.  We may bypass all the detour signs that life has thrown at us and prefer to go off-road to make it work.

Eventually we will have to stop.  Stop and review the situation.  Consider how we got to where we are now.  Consider other routes.  Obviously, the detour on the highway coming home did not stop us from wanting to get home.  It just changed the way we needed to go.

Not all detours are as bad as they initially seem.  Before Mr. French and I met, we had each traveled different roads.  We had no idea when the roads we were on ended, where life's detours would take us. Yet here we are.  Together.  Twenty plus years later, still loving (and liking) each other through the many seasons of marriage.  We are a result of previous life detours.

And now we navigate life's detours as a couple.  It's funny how things work out.

So, when life (instead of baseball) throws your a curve ball, shift your perspective.  The outcome of what happens next, will depend on the choices you make.

Until next time,

Your pal,

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