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Don't ask me that!

Talking about the meeting!
I am sure you have all heard that popular saying "there are no stupid questions".  When it comes to meetings, (which I love to hate), I beg to differ.  Despite the very nature of meetings, there are some questions that should NEVER be asked.

Meetings make up a major part of my day.  It is not uncommon for me to have back to back meetings all day.  Once a meeting is on my calendar, that time is reserved for whatever topic that needs to be discussed.  I like the idea and structure of meetings.  Yet I find myself often disappointed.

Here is a typical scenario.  Let's say a meeting with seven people  (as shown on my calendar) is from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Based on response, everyone is attending.  What this means to me:  I arrive a few minutes early and get settled, so the meeting may promptly start at 10.

What this means to 2 or 3 others:  Show up whenever it's convenient.

What this means to 1 person - With no notice, don't show up at all (keep them guessing).

What this means to the meeting leader (and this is where the first stupid question gets asked of the group).  "Should we wait?"  Once this question is asked, you have now told me that the offenders time is more valuable than mine.  Even though I am the one ready and willing to get started.  At this point, I can feel a sharp incline in my blood pressure.  I promise you, I typically assume the question is being directed at me and my answer to this question is always an emphatic "No".

If my answer is accepted, the meeting then commences.  Fast forward about 10 minutes.  Now we have the late attendee entering the room.  Second stupid question/comment - Should we take a minute (never a minute) to catch everyone up?  PLEASE DIRECT THAT QUESTION TO ME.....(see emphatic first answer above).  Translation:  we are now going to reward the disrespectful behavior by catering to the latecomer's clock and we will now have those who respected the meeting organizer and meeting sit there and listen to the same spiel for the second time.  THIS CAN HAPPEN MORE THAN ONCE!!

As we near the 11:00 hour (which has been imprinted on my brain and soul) as the planned time of conclusion, I can already tell that we are nowhere near finished (because we have had to start over at least once). OMG!

Call me a clock watcher, but my time is reserved and now I have options - miss the conclusion of thi
s meeting - or disrespect those who scheduled to see me at 11:00 a.m.

As God is my witness, I will gather my things and exit that room, regardless of who is running the show (or attending the meeting).

Then - I get the quizzical glance - eyebrows raised, like WHERE IN THE HE#* ARE YOU GOING?


Ok, I feel better now.

Until next time,

your pal,

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